Shikhar Pump have product categories dedicated themselves to develop modern technology equipped water pumps which are effectively catered to the industrial, agricultural and other commercial sectors. Shikhar Pump being one of the pioneers in manufacturing of energy efficient pumps and motors with its latest series of new advanced pumps has emerged as a prestigious brand in Nepalese market. 

Centrifugal Monoblock Pumps

Shikhar Pump have top product categories dedicated themselves to develop modern technology equipped centrifugal monoblock water pumps which are effectively catered to the industrial, agricultural and other commercial sectors. The seamless conversion of electric energy to magnetic energy to rotational or kinetic energy in form of pressure energy  of the pumped fluid makes this centrifugal pump the most popularly used pump.

shikhar gold pump

Water is precious and Shikhar Gold has a spirit of innovation to offer top technology to extract water. Thanks to its optimized hydraulic design, it shows the highest levels of efficiency. It has been designed for residential and industrial water supply as we all irrigation water. Year after year, you can put your faith in Shikhar Gold. 

Submersible Rocket pump

V Series Submersible Pump was developed and designed especially for continuous operation and varying applications. It makes ideal pumping solutions for agriculture, your residence and industry well, slumps, and water tanks. Efficient design with various steel arrangements ensures it’s durability and low maintenance costs.

LaLtin submersible pumps

Submersible Pumps are designed with high-quality calculative fluid dynamics for agricultural, commercial and industrial applications. Administering seamless and hassle-free pumping services to agricultural, municipal, commercial and industrial sectors, Shikhar Pumps have introduced high-quality Submersible Pumps. The durable cast iron enameled bowls along with stainless steel impellers create a strong and effective combination.

Shikhar Superstar Pump (0.5 HP)

With a world-class manufacturing facility, backed by expert technicians and engineers, Shikhar Superstar is leading product categories domestic pumps in the nation. Shikhar Superstar is known for its good self-priming capacity, high operating efficiency, dynamically balanced rotating parts, and optimal design. The pump is designed to work in high working pressure for wide voltage fluctuations. 

Shikhar Flow Star Pump (1.0 HP)

The experience, endurance, and workmanship have been applied to engineer the Shikhar Flow Star pump to perfection with stringent quality control and utmost care at all stages to ensure trouble-free service. The prodigious design and efficiency of Flow Star is the pride to company with high head range and high suction and durability. 


Shikhar Shallowell Pump

Shallowell Pump is high flowrate pump and one of Shikhar’s superior qualities products that ensure high efficiency in work. Made with the advanced production facilities, innovative designs, and high-tech processes, our product is best from the rest. Shallowell Pump is perfect for the underground extraction of water in domestic and industrial residence.

Gasoline Water Pump

Shikhar, being one of the pioneers in the construction of energy-efficient pumps has introduced a gasoline water pump in the market. With efficient motors and other latest series of new technology, this pump has emerged as a very prestigious brand in the market. Quality and energy efficiency is the hallmarks that instill pride for Gasoline Water Pump.

AC induction motor

With the belief in quality, ethics, and customer trust, AC induction motor has been designed to be a world-class competition. The motor has been made for dependable and maintenance-free operations. This is a energy-efficient motor that operates for years.