manufacturing setup

As a manufacturing-oriented brand that works on the principle of ‘Made in Nepal’, we do not focus on productivity alone but manufacture too. We work towards creating harmony between manufacture, output and efficiencies that deliver social, economic and environmental sustainability.

We have adopted world-class technology and automation to ensure that we produce our goods efficiently with emphasis on conservation of energy and water in a sustainable manner. We pursue methodology of Total Quality Management to improve product quality and recycle and reuse our waste materials.

Shikhar Pumps’ priority checklist always tops to emphasize employee safety and inspirational work culture. We come up with an upmost effort to balance the resources our manufacturing plant is housed in.

Our focus is on customer satisfaction by providing service, innovative solutions and strong, reliable technology, all of which has helped us to compete at a national level and garner the attention of quality-conscious customers across the nation through manufacture.

Situated in Biratnagar, Shikhar Pumps is a specialist in the manufacture of a broad range of water pumps and motors for a variety of applications. We are one of the leading pump manufacturers and suppliers in Nepal, something we put down to our commitment to quality customer service and our innovative vision of the future.

From our humble beginnings we have managed to develop one of the most advanced production lines for the pumping sector in the nation. We are well equipped with some of the most precise and efficient pieces of equipment, as well as some of the most highly-trained employees in the industry. Together, this is what makes Shikhar the national force it is today, delivering intricate and unique high-quality pumping products. Our testing facilities mean that each and every pump meets the highest of standards. We constantly strive for perfection and continuously deliver quality products without exception

Shikhar pumps and motors get put to work in a number of ways. They are used to supply fresh drinking water to communities, as well as for irrigation and agricultural purposes. They are also used to boost water pressure in high-rise buildings and to create broader water supply in rural and urban communities.

Research and development

Shikhar Pumps works to make a difference. The possibility of having any is our research based on new ideas and inventions in the product giving force in a new direction towards technological progress. Our research mostly inclines toward meeting end-user needs. The defect in products is studied and updated time and again to enhance innovations. We work to deliver zero-defect services for comfortable and secure use of electricity.

Shikar Pumps’ has a team with research and development centers that closely operates with various departments to provide the latest in technology and design.

Quality Control

Shikhar Pumps’ understands quality over others. We deliver products with safety that comes up with quality control measures. Our team respects the end-user requirement and hence forges with classic products to maintain quality globally.  

We have always been obsessed with quality, and we have designed our manufacturing plants to provide this. Every product we make goes through rigorous testing before they are packed and shipped to you.



what does future hold for shikhar pump?

Never content to rest on our laurels, we have big plans. For one, Shikhar aims to become a leader in the pumping industry as a whole, setting the benchmark for future specialists. We plan to make full use of our well-developed and highly motivated research and development (R&D) department. On a daily basis this team works to create pioneering technology, processes, applications and materials – and we are confident there is much more innovation and growth to come.

We also want to keep our motivation to the max, Shikhar remains one of the few brands that consistently offers new and exciting products and solutions in response to market needs.

Of course, all of our future plans will be in keeping with Shikar’s exacting standards. One of the ways in which Shikhar maintains such high standards is by keeping the majority of production in-house. What this means is that all our products benefit from our advanced technology. Our in-house teams are also highly focused on the production and design of everything Shikhar produces, ensuring the best materials and methods are used every step of the way.