Our Business

Company Profile: Shikhar Pump being one of the pioneers in the manufacturing of energy-efficient pumps and motors with its latest series of new advanced pumps has emerged as a prestigious brand in the Nepalese market. “Shikhar” brand products are well received in the market as they are conforming to national international standards coupled with superior quality and durability. Shikhar offers advanced water pumping solutions to a wide range of applications such as irrigation, horticulture, domestic water supply, commercial and industrial applications, and so on. With a leading position in water pump markets in Nepal, Shikhar manufactures a wide range of pumping products.

With a humble beginning way back in …., we had worked hard to get where we are today and have had embraced every opportunity that has come in our way. A combination of passion, grit, and determination signifies that our business has not only grown, but it has also truly flourished over the years. And now, we are proud to say that we have achieved our goal “to become the best in class pumping solution provider” in the nation.

Key business highlights

  • To run the manufacturing of the pump and motor within Nepal.
  • 1st Made in Nepal water pump
  • One of the largest manufacturers and seller of centrifugal pumps
  • Providers of energy efficient pumping solutions to core sectors
  • State-of-the-art integrated manufacturing facilities
  • Manufactures the multiple pumps by size and horsepower in Nepal
  • Commands one of the highest market capitalization amongst the pump manufacturers in Nepal
  • Pioneered centrifugal pumps in Nepal
  • Optimized pumping solutions from concept to commissioning across market segments.
  • To create an industrial environment in Nepal.
  • To provide an additional modern technique in agricultural field.

mission and vision


Boarding in with the vision of Shikhar Pumps, quality Nepal made pumps and motors highlights it all. Besides, loyal customer base is our sole mission.

We shall be known globally as a reliable, innovative and cost effective solution provider in water pump system. For national recognition, unity for excellence, support, customer bliss, and fairness to each stakeholder for the place we live in to maintain balance in the environment.


– Expand and mark the territory of our Nepalese product throughout the country.

– Developing and working with mutual trust.

– Building and nurturing team work.

– Fairness in dealing with stakeholders.

– Quality in everything.

– Commitment towards environment.

Pillars to achieve our vision

The brand “Shikhar Pumps” is one of the most trusted brands in the country and has a rich legacy associated with great quality, reliability, superior engineering capability, product design and inspires an immense amount of trust. In our journey as Shikhar Pumps we are making the brand more contemporary and are building on our legacy to become a more dynamic, younger and innovative “Shikhar Pumps”. We will engineer this by building innovative products, that provide meaningful solutions to consumer needs. Over the last few years, we have launched some breakthrough products.

We manage our product portfolio by continuously understanding our consumers better. Consumer insights across categories are critical to sustaining and growing the core product segments and adding new ones. We work towards getting the right products to market faster and developing long-term product strategies and coherent roadmaps. Shikhar products are differentiated, provide meaningful consumer benefits, deliver superior performance, and are designed with consumers in mind. Our design philosophy ensures the most effective interplay of ergonomics, function, utility and form to provide a portfolio covering a wide spectrum of product feature-benefits as well as price points.

With a growing range of products and SKUs driven by consumer focussed innovation a critical component of our success is based on being able to deliver the right product to the consumer across the country. We provide a structured product distribution and are increasing our direct and indirect reach across the country.

Operational excellence is our ‘end-to-end’ holistic philosophy to improve quality, drive efficiency and standards across all activities that go into delivering the product or service to the consumer. The focus on driving execution excellence at a high level of efficiency delivers consistent improvement in our overall business performance. We are harnessing the power of implementing IT solutions, undertaking cost rationalization, lowering operating costs and reducing inventory to drive this pillar.

As we continue to transform Shikhar Pumps into a consumer focused organisation, we have a strong commitment to build capabilities in the areas of Go-to-Market, Brand and Portfolio Management, Innovation and Operational Excellence. People are key to the business and it starts with identification of the right talent for the role and then nurturing the talent pool to consistently deliver high performance. We have built robust processes around this pillar and are also driving employee engagement to achieve our vision.

Our strength

For us practising innovation is more important than being innovative.

We are always the exponent of implementing innovation in every segment of our business and no less than in our products.

We understand our market and it is our long-practised research methodology to study the market pain areas in order to give a direction to our innovative thought process. Once the requirement is clearly studied our engineering expertise is coupled with our innovation and design products accordingly.

our expertise stretch out to

  • Sump model testing and prototyping
  • Manufacturing Centrifugal Monoblock Pumps in Nepal
  • Manufacturing Latin Submersible Pumps in Nepal
  • Manufacturing Super Suction Pumps in Nepal
  • Manufacturing V Series Submersible Pumps in Nepal
  • Manufacturing AC Induction Motors in Nepal