Shikhar AC003 was designed to fulfill all the applications demanding high-performance levels and complete reliability for a long time. With the ease of installation as well as all low-cost power transmission units that drive a big multitude of machine applications, AC induction motors are highly energy-efficient as opposed to traditional motors. With the excellent finishing, the motor not only saves energy but also ensures long-lasting operation and safety.

The high-capacity AC induction motors have a horsepower of 1.5, 2.0, and 3.0 horsepower. Available in 3 different RPMs, these motors by Shikhar has a high braking torque for quick stopping and are very easy to install and operate. Also, lightweight and great external design make it easily portable. All three types of AC induction motors run perfectly in a wide range of voltage, 140 to 240 so that they can withstand voltage fluctuations.

AC003 is very useful for heavy-duty cycle operations such as hoisting and lifting applications. It can be used for literally anything- heavy works to the light one in your home or workspace. It is a great value for money!!

Capacity / Power

3.0 HP

Rated Power Input

2.2 KW


Single Phase Supply

Motor Speed

1440 RPM

Running Voltage



CRNO Low Watt Loss

Motor Shaft 

SS Shaft

Motor Winding

Copper Winding